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Studia Paedagogica Ignatiana

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Monday, Jan 16, 2023

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Resilience in our society: how to build opportunities for growth

Deadline for submitting texts: 29.09.2023

Fostering resilience in society is a challenge we face as human beings. We currently see how important it is to know how to get up once we have fallen: this is how humanity prospers and moves on. In a context as competitive -and at the same time as diffuse and liquid- as the current one, the acquisition of this competence is imperative. There is a proverb attributed to African cultures that says that “it takes a village to raise a child”; well, this community, that town, is nothing more than a pillar of resilience for those children who grow up in it, because the affective support they receive from them motivates them to be better and to keep walking. And along with this support we also find more pillars such as positive thinking, spirituality, internal center of control, reasons to fight, commitment to others, sense of humor, narrative and self-narrative, among others. This gives rise to infinite ways to learn to be resilient as well as many opportunities from which to blend a life with attitudes and tools willing to face adversities, a life in which the scars are nothing more and nothing less than beautiful memories of difficult times that could have destroyed us but instead they have made us grow.

We invite all those interested to share their research reports and theoretical studies on the above-mentioned issues, with special emphasis on the different disciplines from which the study of resilience can be approached: education, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and literary studies.


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