Przegląd Badań Edukacyjnych (Educational Studies Review)

Przegląd Badań Edukacyjnych (Educational Studies Review)

About the Journal

Przegląd Badań Edukacyjnych (Educational Studies Review) is a twice per year journal published every six months since 2005. It is devoted solely to reports concerning research on educational processes. It is both a scholarly forum for the exchange of research results and a source of research models.

Przegląd Badań Edukacyjnych (Educational Studies Reviewis indexed in The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS), Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), EBSCO, and Index Copernicus International Journals Master List. 

Call for Papers

     Przegląd Badań Edukacyjnych (Educational Studies Review) announces a call for papers for an additional thematic issue published in the series Women in Education. Women about Education. The theme of the issue is women's/girls' citizenship activity, the gender of citizenship activity/engagement. The assumption here is that citizenship is not understood as a formal-legal status and that citizenship activity is not restricted to the so-called public sphere. Both the terms citizenship and citizenship activity are multi-level constructs and cannot be easily defined. They are differentiated by, among others, identity, social positioning, cultural assumptions, institutional practices. Of particular interest from the point of view of the issue are those analyses of citizenship activity that take into account gender differentiation or several overlapping differentiating factors of citizenship activity, including gender. This involves both the studies in which women and/or girls are the subjects/respondents/participants and, for example, reveal their own perspective on understanding citizenship activity, as well as studies in which the gender perspective of citizenship activity is reconstructed by researchers. Despite this thematic profiling, submitted texts should fit into the overall profile of the journal. Przegląd Badań Edukacyjnych (Educational Research Review) provides a forum for the exchange of research results on education, however education itself is being understood here very broadly, not only in terms of formal education.

Articles should fall into one of two sections:

- meta-analyses/meta-syntheses of research

- original research articles

Information on the sections and the review procedure

Detailed text guidelines

(When submitting an article, please select the section: Thematic issue)

Language of publication: English (One may submit articles in Polish - it will be required to translate the article into English after receiving the publication decision)

Closing date for submitting texts: 17 March 2023

Publication date: December 2023

Editor of the issue: Violetta Kopińska



Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 40 (2022): Przegląd Badań Edukacyjnych
Tuesday, Feb 7, 2023

Editor of thematic section: dr hab. Helena Ostrowicka, prof. UKW


Korekta językowa tekstów anglojęzycznych była możliwa dzięki dofinansowaniu z Programu Ministerstwa Edukacji i Nauki „Wsparcie dla Czasopism” – umowa nr RCN/SP/0357/2021/1

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