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Yearbook devoted to the history of military orders. In keeping with tradition, each volume includes a definite thematic scope, which refers to the subject of a conference from the "Ordines Militares" series. Moreover, articles, polemics, research surveys, source monographs and reviews concerning the history of military orders are published there in English, German and French.

The journal is available in paper and electronic formats. Both formats are identical and are published at the same time. 

Since 2019, "Ordines Militares..." has been indexed in the Scopus list of journals.

Current Issue

Vol. 25 (2020)
Tuesday, Dec 29, 2020
The editorial preparation, proofreadings, translations, reviewing process, and online publication of the Volume 25 (2020) of the journal "Ordines Militares Colloquia Torunensia Historica. Yearbook for the Study of the Military Orders" were cofinanced by the Ministry of the Science and Higher Education (project no. 424690, Wsparcie dla Czasopism Naukowych)
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OMCTH Journal for the History of the Military Orders
OMCTH Journal for the History of the Military Orders