Władysława Szulakiewicz



Talking and writing about history is a manifestation of creating a continuity of tradition which expresses itself in presenting particular schools of thought and courses of action in various
epochs. It may be argued that “Every epoch has its special goals in store” quoting words from Adam Asnyk’s poem “To the Young”. Recalling them (goals and ideas) is an expression of creating the above-mentioned continuity of historical ideas, as well as, educational ones.

The source of every action is a thought. Searching for the genesis of human thought, also the educational one, is an attempt to answer the question: who do we inherit certain ideas, rules and values from, who is their creator and continuator? Thereby, based on such understanding of historical research, the credibility of R.W. Emerson’s message is confirmed. This American poet and essayist, whom Adam Mickiewicz named “the American Socrates”, argued that “only those who build on ideas, build for eternity”. The same author, when considering the issue of validity of social institutions, claimed that “No institution can be better than its creator”.





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