The Templars on Cyprus and their Relations with the other Branches of the Latin Church, 1200–1307

Nicholas Coureas



In this paper the relations of the Templars with the other branches of the Latin Church of Cyprus, founded in 1196 on the island during the pontificate of Pope Celestine III will be examined and discussed. These relations can be subdivided as follows. Firstly, the Templars acted as arbitrators, along with the Hospitallers and other clergy nominated by the pope, in disputes between the crown and nobles on one hand and the secular Latin Church on the other. Secondly, the Templars had relations with the secular Latin clergy of Cyprus. Thirdly, they had relations with the regular Latin clergy, including the other Military Orders. Finally, some of the testimony submitted by witnesses at the Trial of the Templars on Cyprus in 1310 sheds light on relations between the Templars, other regular clergy and the secular Latin clergy in the years before 1307 when the Templars were arrested. The sources used in preparing this paper are mostly published papal correspondence relating to Cyprus and the published account of the Trial of the Templars on Cyprus. Secondary works have also been used for comparisons with other parts of Europe.


history; the Middle Ages; Templars; Hospitallers; Teutonic Knights; papacy; Cyprus; Latin Church

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ISSN (online) 2391-7512

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