“Transmission at generation”: Could original sin have happened at the time when Homo sapiens already had a large population size?

Antoine Suarez

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/SetF.2016.014


Models have been proposed assuming that God created the first human persons at the time when Homo sapiens already had a large population size; this hypothesis  agrees with emerging data of evolutionary genetics. The present article argues that  in such a historical context the propagation of original sin can be explained through  “transmission at generation”, in accord with Romans 11:32, and the “Decree concerning  original sin of the Council of Trent”.


Human evolution; God’s intervention; First human persons; Adam and Eve; moral responsibility; original sin; “Relational damage”; “Transmission at generation”; atonement; Romans 11:32; Darwinian principles; “monogenism”; “polygenism”

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