Listy cesarza Fryderyka III Habsburga w Archiwum Państwowym w Gdańsku (na marginesie opracowania Regesta Imperii z archiwów pruskich i inflanckich)

Marcin Grulkowski



Letters of Emperor Frederick III Habsburg in the State Archive in Gdańsk(on the Margin of Work on Regesta Imperii from Prussian and Livonian Archives)

The article analyses the use of the resources of the State Archive in Gdańsk: in volume 24 of Regesta Imperii Elfie–Marita Eibl presented documents issued by Frederick III from Prussian and Livonian archives. Sources from Gdańsk (usually copies) were used for the identification of 25 documents and letters by Frederick III. The author of the article provides information about the copies of the imperial documents and letters in the Gdańsk archive, taken into account by Eibl upon the basis of other archival resources. The article also discusses four letters omitted in Regesta Imperii, three of which are edited in a source appendix.

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