Autografy piętnastowiecznych profesorów krakowskich w rękopisie Archiwum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego 63

Dagmara Wójcik-Zega



Autographs of Fifteenth–century Cracow Professors in the Jagiellonian University Archives, MS 63

The article discusses autographs of Cracow University professors from between 1432–1520, found in the Jagiellonian University Archives, MS 63. The manuscript contains resolutions passed by a collegiate gathering, the corporation self–government of the Royal (Greater) College at Cracow University in the years 1432–1591. This is the first time that the manuscript has been discussed both from the codicological viewpoint and as regards its contents. Owing to the drawn–out time of the origin of the source and the multiplicity of handwritings it remains an interesting palaeographic monument. Findings concerning the nature and functioning of the college self–government as well as the contents of some entries led to the conclusion that the manuscript was written down by numerous professors of Cracow University – members of the Royal College. The research resulted in a catalogue of 26 identified autographs edited in the form of schematic notes about the authors, accompanied by facsimile examples of their handwriting. The handwriting of e.g. Andrzej Grzymała of Poznań, Bartłomiej of Radom, Jan of Stobnica, Jan of Dąbrówka, Marcin Biem of Olkusz, Michał Sternberg of Lgota (Oleśnica), Michał of Wielun, and Stanisław Bylica of Olkusz was identified.

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