Joseph Ratzinger–Benedict XVI: “Co-Worker of the Truth” and Dissenter of Contemporary Relativism

Jakub Józef Woźniak



The current crisis of truth relates us to the attitude of relativism, which is becoming increasingly popular not only in the academic world, but also among ordinary people. The response to this attitude is the unambiguous stance taken by Joseph Ratzinger–Benedict XVI, who has explicitly condemned the idea. In his statements, he has repeatedly addressed relativism and emphasized its absurd claims to stand above truth. In this article, the authors cite numerous statements made by Ratzinger as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and later as the Successor of St. Peter; they also suggest solutions to restore the position of truth in the international arena and in private life.

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truth; relativism; battle; Joseph Ratzinger; Benedict XVI; lie

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