Biología y racionalidad. El carácter distintivo del cuerpo humano

Martin Montoya



Biology and rationality. The distinctive character of the human body

Which are the distinctive parts of the human body that help us to identify it as a physical element diverse from the rest of the world? Are they simply functional elements, or do they refer to another dimension that goes beyond instrumentality? These are the questions posed in the book “Biology and Rationality: The Distinctive Character of the Human Body” by José Ángel Lombo and José Manuel Giménez Amaya.From a philosophical point of view, the authors seek to clarify these issues by offering an interdisciplinary conceptual framework always referred to the unity of the human person.


anthropology; biology; nature; psychology; person

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Lombo, José Ángel and Gimenez Amaya, José Manuel. 2016. Biología y racionalidad. El carácter distintivo del cuerpo humano. Pamplona: Eunsa.

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ISSN 2300-7648 (print)
ISSN 2353-5636 (online)

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