La dimensión ética de la ciencia según Mariano Artigas

Rubén Herce



The Ethical Dimension of Science According to Mariano Artigas

Many authors have written, from different approaches, about the relationships between ethics and science. In this work, we analyze how Mariano Artigas (a physicist, philosopher, and priest) did it. He gives great importance to ethics, which he considers a philosophical presupposition of scientific activity. A detailed analysis of his work allows to understand to what extent ethics is important for science. Specifically, we consider (1) the relationships of ethics with humans and with science; (2) the interweaving and the distinction between both of them; (3) the importance of ethics as a hermeneutical key in Popper; (4) and the emergence of ethics before, during, and after scientific activity.


Ethics; Scientific Activity; Mariano Artigas; Karl Popper; Philosophical Presuppositions of Science

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