Religion in contemporary science: impertinence and inspi

Santiago Collado González



The present article provides an overview of the different positions throughout history on the connections between science and religion. We expose the diffi culty to classify these connections and the defi ciency in the taxonomic proposals. This study is intended to revise this interplay from the perspective of the impertinences committed to each other, as well as from the benefi ts that one has received from the other. From this point of view, we can get a glimpse of a more complex and rich scene than that offered by a simple classifi cation. We also reveal that, when one of these fi elds ignores what pertains to the other and fi nally rejects it, it ends up either taking its role or accepting it as its own, but in a poor or completely unfocussed way. The consequence of this is unavoidably scepticism.


science and religion; epistemology; faith and ideologies

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