GU(U)AM – from declaration to reality

Renata Król‑Mazur



The article seeks to characterise the activity of GUUAM, an organisation of post‑Soviet states set up in 1997 comprising Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan (officially withdrew in 2005), Azerbaijan and Moldova, to cooperate on issues of shared importance. After presenting a historical overview of the organisation’s beginnings, the author analyses their joint security issues, their dependence on Russian energy sources, and finding ways of diversifying and transmitting key resources. In her reflections on the future of the organisation, she concludes that GUUAM’s main policies will remain strictly tied to energy security issues.

Słowa kluczowe

GUAM; UE; energy security; Organization for Democracy and Economic Development; Transport Corridor Europe‑Caucasus‑Asia; Intrastate Oil Gas Transport to Europe; Southeast European Law Enforcement Center

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