The visiting words, the turbulence and the secret of the education Reading Adolphe Gesche

Krzysztof Maliszewski



The Belgian theologian, the philosopher and the specialist in literature Adolphe   Gesche (1928–2003) writes that it is necessary to frequent old words. He interprets   traditional terms of the Christian message (e.g. the salvation, the eternity, the resurrection)   and tries to wake them up, to make them clear, accessible to the contemporary sensitivity.   One isn’t allowed to close the Christian address in the exclusive range of the confessio, it   is an essential part of the contemporary culture.   Adolphe Gesche is leading out the category of salvation from the more and more   poorly understood religious idiom to wide waters of the humanistic discourse. A question   about the salvation is one of the crucial human questions, and it is arising from longing   for the secret of living above all, rather than from the fear and feeling the fault only. The   revival of meanings in the Adolphe Gesche’s work shows the Christianity vital, dynamic,   feeding on the affirmation of the freedom and the life, but not on resentment to the   present time. Gesche doesn’t prove the existence of God and the eternal life. He is only   persuading not to leave former questions and old replies rashly. Theology is a turbulence   in the science. The faith is a means of conveying the powerful, peculiar discourse   upon the man. It is setting the anthropological reflection in motion. In the theological   perspective the man is a riddle, something elusive and incomprehensible stays inside   him. The education has the important task: to help the man to raise his oddness, mystery,   non-transparency, strangeness, without escaping into a simple and a seeming answers.   Gesche’s achievements is an example of the opened, modern recognition which doesn’t   fear the meetings – but it is drawing the power from the joints and tensions.   Paedagogia_  

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