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Waldemar Chrostowski

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/PCh.2011.003


Rare theological considerations devoted to animals are in a sharp contrast with
their place and role in the world and human life. Theologians mostly have stressed
their mentioning in biblical accounts of the creation of world (Gen 1–2), as well
as have condemned the different forms of bad actions towards them, but there is
a lack of specifically Christian considerations based on the God’s plan of salvation as
realized by Jesus Christ. The author considers four points: 1. The need for deepening of Christian concept of Creation, possible thanks to the respect for the Incarnation;
2. Better understanding and imitation of Jesus Christ, especially as concerns our
moral obligations and duties towards animals; 3. Theological reconsideration of
the problem of animal’s suffering; 4. The ethical and moral reconsideration of the
commandment of love.

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