Marszałek książę de Richelieu jako postać literatury libertyńskiej

Emilie Champion



The cardinal’s great grandnephew, prince Louis-François-Armand de Vignerot du Plessis, marshal of Richelieu was an extraordinary character, not only because
of his long life (as he lived 92 years), but also because his outstanding career. He served as a soldier, was an ambassador to Vienna and Dresden, but also an exquisit actor of the king’s theatre and a governor of Guyenne. The article analyses why the prince became a main, libertine character of romans rather than the war hero. Young prince spent some time at the royal court,
then he transformed into a libertine conquering women’s hearts. Getting older, was considered rather as a relic of the past than a muse of writers. From ‘angelic’,
young libertine, by the libertine, who awakened admiration and fear, literary theme became an old libertine, who was betrayed and mocked. Every stage
of marshal of Richelieu’s life reflected in literature.

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