Nowe ustalenia w kwestii śmierci i pochówku kardynała Jerzego Radziwiłła (1556–1600)

Sławomir Cendrowski



Presented article adds several important telling to cardinal Radziwiłł’s dossier. First of all article presents a place where Radziwiłł stayed in Rome and where he died. It was the palace (not-existing any more) belonging to the famous Orsinis, located near the Ponte di Sant’Angelo. Circumstances of cardinal’s death and burial were discussed widely. Details of this discussion can be found in Roman avvisi,which were a kind of a local press; in example some speculations and comments on cardinal’s wealth, property and a burial place were made. The author shows some hypothesis on the project of a gravestone for cardinal Radzwiłł, which are derived from different, unknown previously, historical records. Some of them are edited and published within the article.

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