Polityka rosyjska w Rzeczypospolitej w 1733 roku a kandydatura „Piasta”

Andrej Macuk

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2014.021


Russian Policy in the Polish Commowealth in 1733 and a „Piast” Candidate 


An agreement between families of Potoccy and Czartoryscy was an unexpected situation for Russia, nevertheless a new policy on the election of Polish king was arranged in the end of March, 1733. Russia decided to act together with its allies and to support candidate indicated by emperor – Portuguese heir don Emanuel. According to a treaty signed in 1732, if Austria and Prussia would not support Emanuel, there was considered to put some “Piast” on a Polish throne. In the article can be find precise information about acts and strategy made by Russian diplomats (among others: Jurij Liwen and Karl Gustaw i Friedrich Casimir von Löwenwolde) and Polish nobles’ reactions on those efforts, as well as Polish sympathies and alliances (including confederation against Stanilaw Leszczynski’s election).

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