Polityczne meandry emigracyjnego socjalisty. Kontakty Henryka Polowca z wywiadem PRL w latach 1952–1963

Krzysztof Tarka

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2014.006


Political meanderings of emigrant socialist. Contacts of Henryk Polowiec with the Polish People’s Republic (PRL)
intelligence in years 1952–1963

H. Polowiec connected with socialist movement in the 30s. of the XX century. After World War II he ended up in emigration in Great Britain, where he became one of the leading activists of the Polish Socialist Party (PPS). In 1954, because of criticism of the political line of the PPS he was suspended in the rights of party member. In response, he accused the authorities of PPS, that they became the agency of western intelligences, and withdraw from the party. He was also criticizing socialists for political cooperation with National Democrats in emigration. From 1952 to 1963 (with interruptions) he was also secretly contacting with PRL intelligence. For submitted orally information he received remuneration. In issued in London magazine “Tygodnik” and in political brochures he was criticizing leadership of the PPS. Considering himself as conceptual socialist he accused his former party companions of betrayal of socialism and democracy. After October 1956, fascinated by liberalization of the communist regime, he wrote with approval about W. Gomułka. In PRL intelligence estimation, Polowiec fell into persecution mania. As a result, in 1963 the communist secret service ended cooperation with him.

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