Anna I Jagiellonka kontra Jan Zamoyski. Kilka uwag w sprawie dążeń królowej do zapewnienia ciągłości dynastii Jagiellonów

Przemysław Szpaczyński



Anna I Jagiellonka versus Jan Zamoyski. Some Remarks about Queen’s Pursuance of a Keeping the Jagiellonian Dynasty Continuity

The article depicts a problem which was not properly analysed by Polish historians. It is a role played by Anna I Jagiellonka during election of her nephew, Zygmunt,
to the Polish throne. The issue was neglected mostly because Anna I Jagiellonka was trying to keep continuity of Jagiellonian dynasty through her nephew’s election,
but historians do not include Zygmunt III neither his sons to this dynasty, finishing it on the 1572 year, without noticing the obvious fact that Anna I was also a king from Jagiellonian dynasty. What is more, after her husband, Stefan Batory’s, death, she still was a king. Because of that, her will could not have been disregarded. Queen-widow and in the same time the king in one person agreed to resign from her rights under a condition that her nephew would be elected to
the throne. In Anna’s justifiable opinion, Zygmunt was able to continue a reign of Jagiellonian dynasty in the Commonwealth of Poland. The most imminent opponent of this idea was the Chancellor and Great Hetman of the Crown, Jan Zamoyski, counter to what hitherto historiography was to suggest. He was an expert of a propaganda and political intrigues, who endeavoured to be elected to the Polish throne and whom Anna I with great diplomatic adroitness imposed her nephew as a proper candidate.

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