„Żadnej okazji nie opuszczę, abym do Was pisać nie miał” – korespondencja prywatna pisarza miejskiego lwowskiego Wojciecha Zimnickiego z lat 1618–1639

Bohdana Petryshak

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2012.063


The article shows a role of a correspondence in prosopographical research of the life of Lviv city clerk in the 1st half of 17th century, Wojciech Zimnicki. A main direction of research is a closer definition of biographical facts, secretaries work, as well as Wojciech Zimnicki’s private life. On a basis of this kind of sources it is possible to picture an image of an official of those times: a city clerk, a head of secretariat, bourgeois and a member of judicial board, and also a father and a husband.

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