Sprawa marynarzy z „Puszczyka” z 1954 r. Przyczynek do historii ucieczek z PRL

Krzysztof Tarka

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2012.043


On 22 September 1954, the fishermen of the “Puszczyk” trawler rose in revolt on the North Sea. Seven Polish fishermen seized the ship which reached the coasts of Great Britain the next day. The rebellious sailors asked for political asylum. Polish authorities demanded submitting the fugitives, who were supposed to stay in the arrest until the case was solved. The case of the sailors from “Puszczyk” encouraged Polish emigration society to take action. The London Polish Daily announced collection of money to help them. The response was impressive. It allowed for engagement of an outstanding British lawyer. This complicated case lasted a few weeks. Finally, at the end of November, the Supreme Court of England rejected an application to extradite the sailors. After more than two month from being arrested, the fugitives from “Puszczyk” retrieved their freedom and were granted asylum in Great Britain.

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