The Oppression of Ukrainian National Identity by the Soviet Mass Media: Political and Ideological Censorship 60’s and 70’s of the Twentieth Century

Nadia Kindrachuk



This article covers the oppression of Ukrainian national identity by the Soviet mass media, which served as an ideological tool of the communist government on the way of total russification and denationalization of Ukrainians over the 60’s and 70’s of the 20th century; censorship is being studied as one of the methods of state supervision over the control of the release of the mass media in order to restrict the dissemination of the ideas and information that were recognized by the then authorities as “undesirable” or “ideologically harmful”. The destructive role of the mass media in the narrowing of the national worldview of Ukrainians, the prohibition of the Ukrainian word, and the leveling of the national aspect in the Ukrainian ethnic environment in the defined period are highlighted.

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Ukrainian ethnic environment; national consciousness; the mass media; political censorship; the Soviet power; the totalitarian regime; the communist propaganda; an ideological oppression; denationalization

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