Adopting evidence-based practices in community information engagement for sustainable development in Nigeria: the strategies and innovations

Ngozi Osuchukwu



Aim: The aim of the article has explored the evidence-based strategies, innovations, and challenges in community information dissemination for sustainable development in Nigeria.

Research method: This was a survey that was carried out in twelve communities located in upland and riverine communities under the information center of a non-government organization (NGO) in Anambra state. The community dwellers were engaged at different times through community visits, dialogues with community-based groups, interviews, and observations. The data were presented using systematic, logical framework analysis that displayed the breakdown of activities, output, and outcomes.

Results: The assessment of the strategies and innovations in community engagement revealed that information services are needed and appreciated through good practices of advocacy, collaboration, voluntary services, space creation, indigenous knowledge management, media, learning and sharing. The challenges were lack of trust, language barrier, and community entry. The data was presented using a logical framework analysis.

Conclusions: The study implied that, if community engagement is ignored, the dwellers will continue to be excluded and library and information services will be relegated to the background as an obscure, irrelevant profession. The study, therefore, recommended that LIS professionals in any sector should take center stage in community engagement of host communities using good practices of information strategies and innovations.


community engagement; information; library and information service; librarians; strategies; initiatives

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