The pathos of the Accusation. Analysis of communicative strategy in Is 57,3–13

Elzbieta Malgorzata Obara



With its characteristic articulation of accusation and sanction, and with its purpose of reconciliation, the procedure of the rîb is the conceptual framework of Is 57,3-13. God represents the injured party who initiates the fight on the juridical grounds of mutual belonging that binds him to Israel. He perceives as a grave injustice the violation by his people of this filial and spousal relationship. The purpose of his way of proceeding is not, though, simply the announcement of a clear and definitive condemnation, but the recovery of the relationship itself. This scope determines the communicative form of the divine discourse, which from its first lines is anything but neutral. So in Is 57,3-13, the reader is called to interpret and evaluate the performative element of the discourse of God and its finality.

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Isaiah; Rib; Pragmatics

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