Longinus’ Conception of the Sublime

Roman Specht

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/szhf.2013.006


The following article is an addendum to Reinhardt Brandt’s article included above, written for the needs of Polish readers. Brandt discusses the famous Longinus’ treatise while including its entire historic context. The substantial threads including the specifics Longinus’ piece as a treatise on the field of aesthetics that were contained in Brandt’s work have been, on the other hand, reminded in this article.


Longinus; aesthetic; sublime

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Posiad A., Więckowski Z., Mały słownik terminów i pojęć filozoficznych. Warszawa 1983.

Pseudo-Longinos, O górności, [w:] Trzy poetyki klasyczne: Arystoteles, Horacy, Pseudo-Longinos, przeł. T. Sinko, Wrocław–Warszawa 2007.

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