Existential Anxiety and How not to Fight with it

Dmitry Leontiev

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/szhf.2018.023


A man goes through two basic initiations in his life. One of them corresponds with maturation crisis which applies to the realization that there is something that depends on us in the world and that we are able to influence the form of the world. The second initiation is connected with the midlife crisis. It concerns the recognition and integration of the fact that not everything is dependent on us, and that some things cannot be done. Given the unpredictability and indeterminacy of the world, the article reflects on the concepts of anxiety and fear as factors of existence. Anxiety is a constructive feeling. It makes a person ready for unforeseen events and unexpected eventualities. Anxiety is a tool for co-operation with the future; colloquially speaking: „getting on with it”.

The Paper translated and edited by Aleksandra Kondrat, Nicoalus University in Toruń


anxiety; fea; unpredictability; development; psychology of existence

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