Film oparty na faktach. Imperium zmysłów Nagisy Ōshimy po latach – z polskiej perspektywy

Piotr Skrzypczak



The article is devoted to the Polish reception of the most controversial film of Nagisa Ōshima, who has erroneously defined all his valuable work and himself mostly with scandals and pornography. Nagisa Ōshima, who is one of the most renowned directors of Japanese film, was born in a feudal family in Kyoto and has, unexpectedly, become a protester and a rebel, sympathizing with Marxist theory. In the true story of Sada Abe, who is the main character of The Realm of Senses, he found the subject corresponding to his ideological attitude. The Realm of Senses focuses on losing oneself in total erotic abandon, in the atmosphere of impending war in Japan. Unlike the Japanese mainstream erotic films (pink films), which border on pornography, The Realm of Senses is interpreted as a treatise on self-destruction in the aspect of upcoming catastrophe.

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Nagisa Ōshima; Realm of Senses; pornography

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