Dziecięce i młodzieńcze fascynacje Tanizakiego Jun’ichirō światem teatru kabuki

Marcelina Leśniczak



In this article I focused on introducing the writer’s earliest fascinations with traditional Japanese theater such as kabuki (it can be translated as ‘the art of singing and dancing’) and other theatrical performances he witnessed in temples and shrines of Tokyo in late years of 19th century. Tanizaki, born into merchant’s family in Tokyo, was educated from his early childhood by his mother and grandfather – who both shared a refined taste, with respect to traditional Japanese culture ad especially Japanese theater. This article is based on Tanizaki’s essays, memoirs where he describes his interest and passion for theater in great detail. These essays and memoirs are an indispensable and significant source of knowledge of the subject in question.

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Tanizaki Jun’ichirō; Japanese literature; kabuki; Japanese traditional theater

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