Sakralne ukryte frazy, sekularne ilustracje wierszy. O relacjach tekst-obraz w Senmen Hokekyō sasshi

Adam Bednarczyk



The article discusses on specific text-image interrelations in Senmen Hokekyō sasshi (Fan-shaped album of the Hokekyō Sutra), a XIIth century work restored in Shitennōji temple, Osaka. The album is famous not only because of its uncommon fan-shaped plates but also colourful underdrawings (shita-e). It is considered that the pictures are in fact pictorialization of poems (uta-e), which are combined with Sutra’s text. Using special technique called “hidden phrases” (inpukuteki kotoba) the author focuses on connections of uta-e with poems that could be inspiration for such pictorialization. The problem of pictures as means linking religious content with classcial Japanese poetry (waka) is also emphasized.

Słowa kluczowe

fan painting (senmenga); pictorialization of poem (uta-e); text-image relations; hidden phrase; Heian period

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