„Już o twej płci wiémy”. Kobieta i pożądanie w poezji Jana Andrzeja Morsztyna

Ireneusz Szczukowski

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/15838


The aim of the outline The Creativity of Jan Andrzej Morsztyn in Psychoanalytic Perspective is an analysis of the poetry of the author of The Lute in view of the psychoanalyse understood as a school of the interpretation of the literary texts that grow out not only of the Freudian inspiration but also as a theory revalued by Lacan’s or feminist discourse. This outline is an attempt of an interpretation of Morsztyn’s poetry in a circle of today popular, cultural poetics seizing the feminist and gender studies. Nevertheless it does not mean
that the presented interpretative proposition will be situated outside the philological and historical-literary order. The author of this text is interested above all in the image of a woman having its source in the masculine phantasms and a desire expressed by the language of the baroque concept and the language of epigrams. Morsztyn treats the desire as
a mechanism of culture and a ground of the human behaviour.

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