Konstruowanie „literatury mieszczańskiej” Kilka uwag o koncepcji Stanisława Grzeszczuka

Witold Wojtowicz

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/15834


In the article the presentations of popular literature in 16th and 17th century, included in Aleksander Brückner, Karol Badecki, Julian Krzyżanowski and particularly in Stanisław Grzeszczuk’s (and Kazimierz Budzyk’s earlier) studies are analysed in view of methodology connected with constructivism. In the article it is paid attention to a connection between Stanisław Grzeszczuk’s Clownish Mirror and Michaił Bachtin’s theory of carnival and wider to an influence of Marxist ideology as well to a role of the romantic in its origin conceptions of the people, created within the bounds of ethnography of the nineteenth century. Beyond the limits of the method developed by Stanisław Grzeszczuk a problem of confessionalization and changes referred to as „civilization process” by Norbert Elias has occurred. The narrations of works of Stanisław Grzeszczuk place in scientific formulations similarly to the works of earlier authors, who usually use this approach in their methodological assumptions. Stanisław Grzeszczuk’s works are distinguished by revisionism in relation to the theory of literature of the fifties, however the author has not given up „sociologization” this literature, deriving his validation from such an approach.

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