Development Diplomacy. Development Aid as a Part of Public Diplomacy in the Pursuit of Foreign Policy Aims: Theoretical and Practical Considerations

Karolina Zielińska



This article’s aims are twofold. Firstly, it endeavours to define the concept of development diplomacy (that is, diplomacy done through development aid) as a part of public diplomacy that realises its aims thanks to soft power re- sources. Several theoretical sources are recalled and reflected upon in order to come up with a vision of the role of development diplomacy within public diplomacy. Secondly, this article focuses on the role of development diplomacy in the context of the foreign policy aims. Theoretical reflection on this issue is followed by illustrative examples of documents, actions and research, where practical linkages between development aid and foreign policy’ aims where made. It leads to conclusions regarding the practicalities and effectiveness of embracing development aid under the public diplomacy and thus also under foreign policy umbrella.

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development aid; public diplomacy; foreign policy; soft power

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