Amerykański exceptionalism – wizja, mit czy rzeczywistość?

Mirosław Romański



The following article has a nature of a scientific essay and concerns the issues of „American exceptionalism” phenomenon still present in public debates. In spite of the fact that it has been permanently present in the US politics for many years and has its own premises resulting from the fist independence declarations and Constitution, it has the ups and downs.
The fundamental aim of that essay is to answer the question – to what extent exceptionalism and American uniqueness connected with it is important in politics of that country and world politics. Do the phenomenon of terrorism and the attitude of the USA to human rights go hand in hand with the idea of issues raised in that text?
The source basis for writing that article were the most important titles concerning the examined item and general conclusions of the Author after studying them.

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american exceptionalism; politics USA; role USA in world; amerykański exceptionalism; polityka USA; rola USA w świecie

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