Janusz Tandecki, Mariusz Balcerek



In 2013 the Copernicus Library celebrates its 90th anniversary. Thus, the editorial team of the journal “Folia Toruniensia” has decided to devote a whole volume to the Library.

The special edition of the journal allows the reader to get acquainted with valuable collections kept in the Library. The authors of the texts have described an unknown book from King Sigismund Augustus’ library, books from the book collection of the Reverend Krzysztof Henryk Andrzej Geret, numerous prints from Elbląg, antique books from the old library in Stargard Szczeciński, German officers’ annals and theatre posters from Grudziądz. The texts provide insight into the richness and variety of the Library’s collections and present to us an interesting process of book collecting.

The Copernicus Library, the oldest scientific library in Pomerania, which stores the most precious historical collections, is at the same time a modern library, which is demonstrated in the article concerning the Library’s contribution to the creation of a national bibliography – a huge database constituting a basic source of information about the Polish publishing market.


editorial; office; Folia Toruniensia; Nicolaus Copernicus Public Provincial Library in Toruń

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