Sztuka na uchodźstwie: zmiana paradygmatów interpretacyjnych (doświadczenie Rosji i państw Europy Wschodniej powstałych z dawnych republik ZSRR)

Swietłana Czerwonnaja



The state of research on the art of emigrants from the countries of former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is quite diverse for particular aspects of that research. If biographical dictionaries, encyclopaedias and lexicons of most important artistic events had been quite well elaborated, neither the space of emigration has been defined yet nor discussions concerning periodization of emigration waves from the USSR have been ended. There were no studies on the valuing of achievements of emigration painters and sculptors. It applies equally to the emigrants from Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The article shows the reasons of such status quo and predicts a necessity of extending a scientific discourse to the opinions formed not in the framework of one national school but on the international arena.

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art history and critics; emigration art; Russian emigration; Lithuanian emigration; Ukrainian emigration

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ISSN 2084-3550 (print)
ISSN 2391-7911 (online)

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