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Journal of Folklore and Popular Culture. Literatura Ludowa is the quarterly double-blind peer reviewed Open Access academic journal published by The Polish Ethnological Society.

Intended to be both international in its scope and interdisciplinary in approach, the Journal provides a forum for wide-ranging, in-depth discussion on historical and contemporary forms of folklore as well as popular and vernacular culture. Our aim is to publish original papers in folklore research, cultural anthropology, culture studies and related fields concerning language, literature, religion, history, performance, communication and new media.

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Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022

Scary Reality: Fear in Narrative Cultures: 

The upcoming issue of Journal of Folklore and Popular Culture is devoted to critical presentation, interpretation, and case studies of narratives (digital or otherwise) which reflect, tame or fuel societal fears. We are particularly interested in analyzing the diversity, plurality, and abundance of genres and types of narratives concerning fear. The fear – or fears – in question can be related to threatening events of past or present – such as wartime, political and economic crises, epidemics, natural catastrophes, the climate crisis, global migration – as well as abstract fears – e. g. those concerning death and dying, end times, supernatural and extraterrestrial entities, and paranormal phenomena.

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Monday, Jul 5, 2021
Podcast: Serialized audio forms in context of global distribution and local consumption Read more

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Vol. 66 No. 1 (2022): Children, Food, and Media
Tuesday, Sep 13, 2022
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