Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law

Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law

About the Journal

“Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law" is a quarterly journal that operates on an open-access model. The journal undergoes a thorough double-blind peer-review process and is accessible in both print and online formats.

The journal aims to provide a constructive platform for communication between economists and legal professionals, facilitating research on the institutional order that impacts business, finance, and entrepreneurship.

The topics of scientific articles published in the journal focuses on theoretical and empirical research in the following disciplines:

  • Economics,
  • Finances,
  • Economic analysis of law.

The commitment to open access underscores our dedication to ensuring the widespread dissemination of valuable knowledge. Scholars and researchers are invited to contribute to advancing understanding in these critical areas.

The main source of financing for the Economics and Law journal is publishing fees.

In 2022–2024 publishing of Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law is co-financed from the state budget under the Development of scientific journals program of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Current Issue

Vol. 23 No. 1 (2024)
Tuesday, Apr 2, 2024
This issue table of contents
Krzysztof Biegun, Martin Dahl, Jacek Karwowski
Agnieszka Stanowicka, Małgorzata Kobylińska
Alina Źróbek-Różańska, Elżbieta Zysk, Katarzyna Pawlewicz, Anna Źróbek-Sokolnik