Some Remarks on Lukasiewicz’s Philosophical Method

Stanisław Wszołek



Since the time of the first philosophers of nature, philosophy has under¬gone many changes. Though some would dispute whether this discipline makes any progress nobody could deny that philosophical debate is following a certain path and moving towards certain conclusions. Philo¬sophical thinking develops because philosophy, like other sciences, is commonly regarded as an emending quest for knowledge, a constant attempt to establish a body of truths about the universe and ourselves. Since this ambitious attempt often fails to achieve its ends, one can see the changes in philosophy as successive answers given to the demand for a new method. The perspective of adopting a new method, the need for which is particularly felt at each turning point, has always been con¬nected with the hope that it is possible to transform philosophy into science, episteme, in the sense familiar to the Greeks.


philosphy; Łukasiewicz

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