The impact of public support on innovative activity of enterprises

Patrycja Kokot-Stępień, Patrycja Krawczyk



Motivation: An important factor enabling not only survival, but also the development of enterprises operating in the modern economic reality are innovations whose implementation increases the competitive potential and determines the market position. However, it should be remembered that there are a number of limitations that are reflected in the level of innovation not only of individual entities, but also of the whole country. To increase the scale of investment in research and innovation, the state often becomes responsible for creating an appropriate support system associated with the creation of better conditions for implementing innovative solutions by shaping preferential and privileged operating conditions.

Aim: The aim of the paper is to analyze the innovative activities of enterprises and impact assessment of public financial support for their innovative activity.

Results: Public funding stimulates the innovative activity of enterprises, but does not significantly increase their innovation. It is therefore important to match the co-financing of projects in the field of implementing innovation to the state intervention mechanism and to create support programs promoting projects with high innovation potential.


public support; public aid; innovations

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