Zarys historii, stan zachowania i przyczyny zniszczeń malowideł ściennych Wacława Taranczewskiego w kościele pw. św. Anny w Poznaniu

Angelika Lament-Kosińska



The outline of history, state of preservation and damages causes of mural paintings by Wacław Taranczewski in the church of St. Anna in Poznań

The aim of this article is to present the history of mural paintings by Wacław Taranczewski in the church of St. Anna in Poznań, particularly in relation to unprofessional restoration interventions which were applied in the past and chich have contributed to the present polychromy’s state of preservation. Analysis of this state allowed to identify causes that have direct and indirect impact on it. A number of examinations was applied, including studies of microbiological and climatic conditions, and then used to determine destructive factors present in the structure of these paintings and in their environment. A detailed diagnosis of these factors was then presented and the proper methodology to stop progressive destructive processes was briefl outlined.

Słowa kluczowe

malarstwo ścienne; konserwacja malarstwa ściennego; Wacław Taranczewski

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