Charakterystyka zniszczeń malarstwa miniaturowego na przykładzie kolekcji miniatur Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie

Zofia Maniakowska-Jazownik



Damages of the miniature paintings collection
in the National Museum in Cracow

The miniature paintings collection in The National Museum in Kraków consists of over one thousand miniatures, which varies according to the place and time of origin, as well as their technics. The oldest onces date back to the second half of the 18th century. Their provenience ranges from England through France to Poland. They are portrait miniatures mainly, however you can fid also landscapes, everyday life scenes or saints` representation. These miniature paintings characterise the richness of forms, technics and materials.

This paper focuses on the state of the miniature collection, which results from many inflences like its technology, quality of media that were used, but also from climate condition they were stored and its history.

The condition review as well as the long term control will enable better and more proper care of the collection.

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miniatury; malarstwo miniaturowe; techniki malarstwa miniaturowego; zniszczenia malarstwa miniaturowego

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