Zastosowanie metod analitycznych w badaniu dawnych technik złoceń na podłożu metalowym

Arletta Piasecka, Andrzej Podgórski, Alina Tomaszewska-Szewczyk



Application of Analytical Methods
in the Study of Historical Techniques of Gilding Metals

Historic material was examined using following analytical techniques: scanning electron microscopy equipped with energy dispersive X – ray spectrometer, X – Ray florescence and laser – induced breakdown spectroscopy. All methods are characterized by the relatively high selectivity and detectability of elements; they allow an easily and quickly identify the elements and determine they concentrations In the sample. Studies have confimed the usefulness of techniques XRF, SEM/EDS, supplemented by the analysis of LIBS to determine elemental composition of gold layers and the metal substrates. The presence of mercury, is characteristic for amalgam of gold, specifis the implementation of gilding technique. Although those studies have provided valuable information about the analysed samples, they do not cover all areas of the research.

Słowa kluczowe

złocenia na podłożu metalowym; badania złoceń; dawne techniki złoceń; detektory promieniowania; techniki wykonania złoceń

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