Działania z obszaru konserwacji zapobiegawczej: audyt konserwatorski – metoda i przykłady

Elżbieta Szmit-Naud



Activities in the fild of preventive conservation:
audits of care – method and examples

This article describes measures taken in the fild of preventive conservation, known as audits of care, in the form in which they have been developed in the French school of preventive conservation since the 1990s. A brief outline is given of the types of evaluation which can be included in audits of care, beginning with the conservation assessment, moving on to the collections condition survey and the curatorial survey, and fially combinations of the above. It then describes the methodology and the way in which the assessment is conducted during audits of care and the way of presenting results and formulating action plans with the use of examples drawn from practice

Słowa kluczowe

audyt konserwatorski; konserwacja zapobiegawcza

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