Przykłady wykorzystania analizy SEM-EDX do badań zabytkowych skór garbowanych związkami metali

Tomasz Kozielec, Grażyna Szczepańska, Grzegorz Trykowski



Application of the SEM-EDX technique for determination of elements in alum as well as chrome tanner leathers discussed in the article. These leathers are found in museum, library and archival collections. Alum tanner leathers are known since ancient period while chrome tanner leathers for 19th c. Examples of the use of leather samples examination and range possibilities created by the technique presented. Additional substances (not being tannins) to be found in leather structure ad surface such as auxiliary agents, decorative layers, contaminations, focused on. The SEM-EDX technique is useful not only for characterization of elements composition of leathers, but also contributes to preservation of cultural heritage by giving possibilities of planning conservation treatments and examining influence of conservation chemicals on leathers.  

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