Możliwości zastosowania technologii wirtualnej rzeczywistości w dokumentacji i projektowaniu konserwatorskim

Bartosz Anusiak, Robert Rogal



The documentation and design are integrity actions in planning and execution of a conservatory works with historic objects and works of art. The continuously development of the theory, conservatory techniques and materials is accompanied by the dynamic development of a documentation and conservatory design techniques. The conservators have the chance to use more and more modern and universal devices to work. Among them there is the virtual reality technology. Digital camera and computer let us to portray ideally a space or expanse and give the chance to put accurate text or voice information within along with free access to the presentation. This article aim is to present the origin of this technology, its basic principle of work, essential devices, ways of use and application possibilities in terms of documentation and conservatory design. The full information about the virtual reality possibilities is broadened by the web sites addresses within the text. 

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