Kilka uwag na temat sygnatur obrazów olejnych Józefa Pankiewicza

Mirosław Wachowiak



Signatures of oil paintings from all stylistic periods of Pankiewicz has been analysed. The artist put his signatures both in left and right corners and sometimes in other different positions in the painting. The lettering was evolving from static official style to more freely one and integrated within the composition. In the symbolic period in paintings in which the sizes had been changed by artist, there appeared two original signatures differing in character. Each period had some characteristic features of the signature. Yet the diversity of the style of letters used, gives no opportunity of certain attributions basing mainly on analysis of the signature, yet it can be supporting indicator. 

Słowa kluczowe

Józef Pankiewicz; sygnatury; budowa technologiczna i techniczna; warsztat malarski

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