Badania właściwości i skuteczności środków do podklejania odspojonej warstwy malarskiej do szkła

Dariusz Markowski, Bożena Szmelter-Fausek



The aim of the research presented in the article is to verify the efficacy of the adhesives mentioned in the litterature as the best consolidants to detached painting layer to glass support. Research were to confirm or to reject the reasonableness of using them by conservators. The properties were analysed and the consolidation of detached flakes of painting layer were made.

The article is divided into two parts. In the first part the research on properties and efficacy of adhesives to consolidate detached painting layer to glass support was described and the results of the research were presented. The following adhesives were analysed: acrylic resins: Paraloid B-72, Plexisol P-550, Plextol B-500; hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins: Arkon P 70, Regalrez 1094; urea-aldehyde resin Laropal A 81; polivinyl alcohol: Mowiol 4/98; hydroxypropyl cellulose: Klucel G; glutine glue: fish glue; waxes: natural white bee’s wax, microcrystalline wax Cosmolloid 80 H and Beva 371. In the second part of the article the tests consolidation of detached painting layer to glass support was presented. 

The analyses showed that the resin Paraloid B-72, Regalrez 1904, Arkon P 70 and Laropal A 81 in 10% of toluene had the best properties. The following resins charcterizes with a good penetration between the painting layer and the glass support. The whole flake was consolidated with glass. To verify the efficacy of consolidants the following adhesives were chosen: 10% Paraloid B-72, 10% Regalrez 1094, 10% Laropal A 81, Beva 371 and resin-wax mixture of natural white bees’ wax and Regalrez 1094 (4:1). Research showed that the concentration and the viscosity of the adhesives influence on the efficacy of adhesive bond. Properties of moistenableness of adhesive and properties of adhesion is very important. 

The suitable consolidant to glass support is Paraloid B-72 and Regalrez 1094. The resins have good optical properties and its refractive index is similar to glass. They don’t change the individual character of painting layer. 

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