Malarstwo na szkle – badania budowy technicznej i stanu zachowania na przykładzie wybranych obrazów

Dariusz Markowski, Bożena Szmelter-Fausek, Sławomir A. Kamiński



There are research on technique and preservation state presented in the article. The reasons of damages were defined on the example of six reverse painting on glass from The Museum in Kartuzy, The Ethnographic Museum in Toruń, The Regional Museum in Toruń, The Diocesan Museum in Włocławek and from the private collection.

The reverse painting on glass represent different techniques: english painting behind glass (franc. fixe sous verre, niem. Die Englische Malerei hinter Glass, pol. pseudowitrochromia), mirror painting on glass, reverse painting on glass (franc. peinture sous verre, niem. Hinterglasmalerei, pol. witrochromia), reverse foil engraving (franc. verre eglomise, niem. Eglomisieren) and crystoleum.

Preservation state of majority of the paintings is bad. The research gave the answer what is the main reason of the damages. Broken and loosen glass is caused mainly by the mechanical treatment.

There is failure of adhesion between the paint and the glass and loss of the paint layer, of the gold and of the amalgam.

The technical mistakes during the process of the production of paintings and the bad storage condition is the main reason of failure of adhesion between the paint and the glass.

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