Obraz Madonna z Dzieciątkiem i Świętymi przypisywany naśladowcy Giulia Cesarego Procacciniego – próba datowania i określenia proweniencji dzieła na podstawie badań techniki malarskiej

Agata Lubochońska-Anusiak, Elżbieta Basiul

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/AUNC_ZiK.2011.023


The study consists on a characteristics of a painting Virgin with the Child andSaints from the National Museum in Poznań. It includes a draft history of thepainting and an attempted comparison with the prototype attributed to GiulioCesare Procaccini, in terms of painters’ workshop. To achieve that technical andtechnological research was performed by non-destructive analytical methods andby examination of samples. The results were presented against the backgroundof the literature on the development of artists’ materials and techniques form17th century to the first half of 19th century. That allowed for verification of theformer dating and assumed place of execution. The results confirmed that theinvestigated painting is a much smaller copy of a painting from the collectionof the Museum in Dresden. The suggested time and place of painting the copyis Dresden artistic environment of the late 18th century.

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